Joint Rescue Coordination Center

Συμβούλιο Οικονομίας και Ανταγωνιστικότητας Κύπρου

    On Wednesday, 01 September 2021, the Civil Defence Commander Mrs. Maria Papa paid an informative visit to the JRCC facilities.

    The Commander was briefed by the Commander and JRCC Staff, on the organization, operation, as well as on the role it can play in the Eastern Mediterranean region, both during the conduction of SAR operations, as well as for other humanitarian operations.

    Furthermore, she was informed about the capabilities of the ZENON Coordination Centre and the role it may assume as a Crisis Management Centre in case of activation of the Special National Plans of the Republic in times of crisis.

Visit at JRCC by the Civil Defence Commander Visit at JRCC by the Civil Defence Commander