Joint Rescue Coordination Center

Συμβούλιο Οικονομίας και Ανταγωνιστικότητας Κύπρου

Delegation of the JRCC participated in a meeting held in Piraeus on 06 and 07 November under the European program LYNCEUS2MARKET.

During the meeting, a large-scale demonstration of a modern onboard localization system took place, based on innovative technologies for the detection of shipwrecked persons in case of a ship's evacuation due to an accident. The demonstration was conducted in the form of Exercise at the port of Piraeus, on a ship of Royal Caribbean company, highlighting the capabilities of the system.

At the end of the demonstration the participants had the opportunity to discuss the details of this pioneering technology with the development team of the program and to express their views and suggestions.

JRCC Larnaca participates to the LYNCEUS2MARKET as the agency through which the system’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, used for the detection of persons at sea, was field tested.

The participation of the Center in such European research programs which are using innovative technologies that can be applied in the field of search and Rescue, contributes to the further development of the Center's capabilities and to the enhancement of the effectiveness of Search and Rescue Operations.

Participation of JRCC Larnaca to the European Program ꞌꞌLYNCEUS2MARKETꞌꞌ Participation of JRCC Larnaca to the European Program ꞌꞌLYNCEUS2MARKETꞌꞌ