Joint Rescue Coordination Center

Συμβούλιο Οικονομίας και Ανταγωνιστικότητας Κύπρου

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- 08/12/2021 Participation of Cyprus in the Greek SAR Exercise "AETOS 2021"
- 26/11/2021 SAR MANAGER Training Course provided to the Member States of RASARAC Committee
- 23/11/2021 JRCC cooperation with the Italian Coast Guard
- 11/11/2021 A Delegation of the British Parliament's Inter-Party Group on Cyprus visit at the JRCC
- 05/11/2021 Conduct of Table-top SAR Exercise under the framework of the Trilateral Cooperation between Cyprus-Greece-Egypt
- 04/11/2021 Visit of Commander of JRCC Cairo at JRCC Larnaca
- 03/11/2021 Multinational Exercise "NEMESIS - 2021"
- 02/11/2021 Visit of Officers of the Armed Forces of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan at the JRCC Larnaca
- 15/10/2021 Search and Rescue training to Lebanese Officers
- 12/10/2021 Visit of the Head of the Department of International Relations and Strategy of the French Ministry of Defence to JRCC
- 01/09/2021 Visit at JRCC by the Civil Defence Commander
- 26/08/2021 MEDEVAC Operation August 26th, 2021
- 20/08/2021 Joint Search and Rescue Exercise between Cyprus and Greece “ SALAMIS 04-21 “
- 19/08/2021 Visit of the Chief of the Lebanese Armed Forces to JRCC
- 12/08/2021 Visit to JRCC of the newly appointed Defense Attache of Egypt in Cyprus
- 06/08/2021 Cyprus-Greece-Egypt Youth of “NOSTOS IV – Return to our Roots” Program visit the JRCC
- 04/08/2021 Execution of familiarization flights at the Ayia Napa Marina Heliport by Helicopters of the RoC SAR System
- 29/07/2021 Memorandum of Understanding between the JRCC and EDT Shipmanagement ltd was signed
- 27/07/2021 JRCC Larnaca signed an agreement with METHODOS ENGINEERING SRL
- 24/07/2021 Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Lebanon visits the JRCC
- 22/07/2021 Visit of the Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff at JRCC
- 07/07/2021 Chief of the Hellenic Coast Guard visits JRCC Larnaca
- 02/07/2021 Delegation from the RAF 84th Squadron at Akrotiri visits JRCC Larnaca
- 28/06/2021 President and delegation of native students of the American Hellenic Institute visit the JRCC
- 27/06/2021 Cyprus and Greece Joint Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREX) «SALAMIS - 03/21»
- 24/06/2021 The High Commissioner of Australia in Cyprus visits the JRCC
- 17/06/2021 Visit at JRCC by the Defense Advisor of the United Kingdom in Cyprus
- 14/06/2021 Inauguration of JRCC new premises
- 24/05/2021 Cyprus and France Joint Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREX) «CYFRA 02/21»
- 27/04/2021 MEDEVAC Operation April 26th, 2021
- 23/04/2021 Delegation of Cyprus Air Force, visits JRCC Larnaca
- 22/04/2021 Press release regarding Search and rescue operation for a missing seafarer 22/04/21 (Final)
- 21/04/2021 1st Press release regarding Search and rescue operation for a missing seafarer
- 20/04/2021 Rescue Operation April 20th, 2021
- 15/04/2021 Delegation of UNFICYP, visits the JRCC Larnaca
- 07/04/2021 The Ambassador of the French Republic visited the JRCC
- 31/03/2021 The Commander of the Maritime Task Force of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (MTF-UNIFIL), visited the JRCC.
- 30/03/2021 Search and Rescue Exercise “TEFKROS 01/2021”
- 20/03/2021 RESCUE OPERATION (April 5th 2021)
- 17/02/2021 SCHENGEN Evaluation of JRCC by the EU Management of External Borders
- 03/02/2021 Joint Search and Rescue (SAR) Exercise SAREX «CYFRA 01/21»
- 02/02/2021 Visit of Commander of British Forces in Cyprus, at JRCC
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